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A post office in Manvers Township, Durham County, Ontario on the C P R, 25
miles northwest of Cobourg, the county seat, and 11 west of Millbrook, the nearest bank location. It contains Methodist and Presbyterian churches
and public school. Tel C P R. Exp Dom. Pop 300.

Thomas Stanton, Postmaster

Stanton Thomas, general store
White Edward machine agent
Williamson T H  general store

…from 1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

PONTYPOOL, a post village in Durham County, Ontario, a station on the C.P.R., 22 miles from Peterboro. It contains 2 churches (Methodist and Presbyterian), 5 stores, 1 hotel, 1 saw and shingle mill, 2 grain storehouses, 1 blacksmith shop, 1 public school, 1 branch bank and telegraph and express offices. Pop. about 300 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer

nor m PontypoolManvers




1895 Rev. Thomas J. Snowdon

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A post office on Lake Ontario, in Athol Township, Prince Edward County, Ontario 12 miles south of Picton, the county seat, nearest banking and shipping point. It contàins a Methodist church and common school. Pop 80.

Lydia Scott, Postmistress

Gurizon William, hay & straw

…from 1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

POINT PETRE, a post hamlet at the extreme southern point of Prince Edward County, Ontario, on Lake Ontario, at the entrance to Peter’s Bay, 12 miles from Picton, a station on the Central Ontario RR. It has a Methodist church, general store and a school. In the vicinity is the summer resort of the Sand Banks, and in the district there is good fishing, while the land is productive for the raising of root crops and fruit. Pop. 40  …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer




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PLEASANT POINT, a post village, picturesquely situated on the Scugog River and Sturgeon Lake, in Victoria County, Ontario, 4 miles from Dunsford Station, on the C.P.R. (Lindsay branch), 8 miles from Bobcaygeon. It has 3 churches (Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Methodist), 2 stores, 1 blacksmith shop, and 1 sleigh, wagon and carriage factory, besides express and telegraph offices. Pop. 120…from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer




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A post office in Bathurst Township, Lanark County, Ontario 12 miles northwest of Perth, the county seat, nearest railway and banking point. Iron is found in the neighbourhood. It contains a Methodist church and a public scbool. Stage daily to Perth. Pop 60.

J Buffam, Postmaster

Jackson William, gunsmith
Playfair William, saw mill

…from 1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

PLAYFAIR, a post hamlet in Lanark County, Ontario, on the Mississippi River, 12 miles from the county seat, and a station on the C.P.R. It contains a Methodist church and a saw mill. In the vicinity are iron mines, not now, however, worked. Pop. 30  …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer

lan m PlayfairvilleBathurst


Church History

Built as a Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1880 of light wood frame with board and batten, pressed metal shingles, in the Georgian style.




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PINEHURST. a rural post hamlet in Kent County, Ontario, 3 miles from Mull, a station on the Michigan Central RR. It has a Methodist church  Pop. 70 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer

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PICTON. an incorporated town, capital of Prince Edward County. Ontario, beautifully situated on the Bay of Quinte, 40 miles south southwest of Kingston, and 34 miles from Belleville. It is the southern terminus of the Central Ontario RR., connecting with the G.T.R. system at Trenton, a distance of 32 miles. It is a port of entry; and besides the county buildings and post office it has churches of 6 denominations, 4 bank agencies (Montreal, Standard, Metropolitan and United Empire), about 75 stores, 6 hotels, several public schools, 1 saw and planing mill, 1 foundry, 4 carriage and furniture factories, 3 canning factories. 1 pottery, 2 pea warehouses express and 2 telegraph and telephone offices, besides 2 printing and newspaper offices (Picton “Gazette,” semi-weekly, and “The Times,” weekly). In the navigation season, six steamers ply daily to and from Kingston, Belleville, Napanee, and Trenton; the R. and O. steamers and the L. O. & Bav of Quinte Navigation Co. boats also call at Picton. The town owns and operates its own electric light plant and water works. It has a good sewage svstem and fine granolithic pavements. Pop. about 3,698 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer


Picton OCR Station – 1910

has m PictonHallowell




1857 Rev. Michael Baxter

1864 Rev. Michael Baxter

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PICKERING, a post village, with port on Pickering Harbor on Lake Ontario, in Ontario County, Ontario, on Duffln’s Creek, and a station on the G.T.R., 23 miles east of Toronto, and 6 miles north of Whitby Jct. It has 7 churches (Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Friends, Orthodox Friends and Disciples), 5 stores, 1 hotel, 1 bank (Western), flour, grist and carding mills, 1 office furnishings and box factory, 1 printing and newspaper office (“Pickering News”), besides express and telegraph offices. Pop. 500 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer


Pickering GTR Station – 1910


ont m Pickering



1842-1843 Rev. John Baxter

1846 Rev. David C. Clappison

1846 Rev. Ezra Adams

1848 Rev. William Price

1865 Rev. Edward Morrow

1865 Rev. George Lawrence

1866 Rev. George Henry Cornish

1866-1870 Rev. Henry Reid 

1869 Rev. John Cameron

1869 Rev. Thomas Stobbs

1871 Rev. John Frankish

1880 Rev. William G. Howson

1881 Rev. Alfred Brown

1881  Rev. Walter Wilberloyd

1885 Rev. Thomas Edwin Bartley

1889-1890 Rev. Edward Barrass

1895 Rev. Samuel C. Philp Jr

1899 Rev. Osborne Lambly


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lee m PhillipsvilleBastard


A village on the B W & S S M R, in Bastard Township, Leeds County, Ontario
30 miles northwest of Brockville, the county seat. Nearest bank at Athens.
It contains Catholic, Baptist and Methodist churches and a public school..
Telegraph G N W. Exp Dom.
Pop 225.

Mrs H Brown Postmistress


Brown Albert, blacksmith
Day Lester, cheese factory
Halladay J W, grocer
Harrison F S, general store
Haskin Chester, saw mill
Haskin R C, machinist
Haskin W, flour mill
Horton Herbert, general store
Ludbrook W H, cooper
Putman Horace, blacksmith
Sudbrook W H, cooper

…from 1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

PHILLIPSVILLE, a post village in Leeds County, Ontario, a mile from Elgin, on the Brockville, Westport & Northwestern Ry. It contains 3 churches, 2 stores, saw and grist mills, cheese box factory, telegraph and express offices. Pop. 200  …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer




1876  Rev. James White

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A post office on the Ottawa River, in Westmeath Township, Renfrew
County, Ontario 8 miles southeast of Pembroke, the county seat, and nearest
bank location, and 2 miles north of Graham’s on the C P R, the nearest railway
point. It contains a Methodist church and a public school. Stage daily to Pembroke. Pop 50.

Mrs E McCracken, Postmistress

Nelson Robert, blacksmith
Stewart R E, general store

…from 1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

PERRETTON, a post village on the Ottawa River, in Renfrew County, Ontario, 3 miles from Graham Station, on the C.P.R., and 10 miles from Pembroke. It has a Methodist church, general store, and saw mill, with express and telegraph office at Graham’s. Pop. about 400  ……from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer




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Maple Methodist Church – 1909


MAPLE, a post village in York County, Ontario, and a station on the G.T.R. (Northern line), 18 miles north of Toronto. It has 3 churches (Episcopal, Presbyterian and Methodist), 6 stores, 1 hotel, 1 planing and saw mill, 2 branch banks, besides telephone, telegraph and express offices. Pop. 300  …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer

yor m MapleVaughan


Maple Station CNR – 1915


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