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WilberforceIBOStation 1906

Wilberforce IBO Station – 1906



A post office in Monmouth Township, Haliburton County, Ontario 40 miles east of Minden, the county seat, and 20 miles east of Haliburton, on the Midland
Division G T R, its nearest railway point. It contains a Methodist church and
common school. Stage weekly to Haliburton. Pop 105.

R A Riley. Postmaster

Dilman L B, general store
Dunsford. R, lumber
Pusey C J, geners,l store
Riley Harriet, general store

…from 1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

WILBERFORCE, a township in North Renfrew County, Ontario, on the Bonnechere River, traversed by the C.P.R. and Canadian Atlantic RR., with stations at Wilno and Golden Lake. It has 2 Methodist, 3 German Lutheran and 1 Hornerite churches, 2 stores, a hotel, a flour and 4 saw mills and telegraph and express offices at stations in the township. Pop. 2,500 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer




1871 Rev. Abram Dawson

1874 – 1881 Rev. Charles Allum

1895 Rev. Enoch R. Cook

1895 Rev. William J. Craig

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WiartonUCBWWIARTON. an incorporated town in Bruce County, Ontario, at the head of Colpoy’s Bay, an inlet with fine harbour on Georgian Bay and a terminal station on the G.T.R., 10 miles from Park Head Jct., and 20 miles from Owen Sound. It has 7 churches of the various denominations, 42 stores, 5 hotels, a woollen, grist, shingle and 4 large lumber mills, a Government fish hatchery, 3 furniture, beet sugar, cider, cement and 2 wood planing factories, 2 chartered bank branches (Commerce and Union Bank), 2 newspaper offices (“Weekly Echo” and “Canadian”), besides telephone, telegraph and express offices. Wiarton is also headquarters of several tug and towing companies. It has also attractive summer resorts in the vicinity, with good fishing about the Islands of the Georgian Bay. Pop. 2,520 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer


Wiarton GTR Station – 1910


bru m WiartonAmabel

Church History:

WIARTON A small village in the township of Amabel, County of Bruce, Ontario. It was formerly part of Amabel Mission.



FleshertonSCEdmunds17 Jul 1884

1873 William M. Beilby, Robert C. Wilkinson

1884 Rev. Solomon Chesley Edmonds

1892 Rev. Samuel H. Edwards

1892 Rev. George Buggin – Chairman Wiarton District

1898-1900 Rev. Thomas Colling – Chairman Wiarton District

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A post office on the C P R, in Algoma District, Ontario 250 miles east of Port
Arthur. It contains Catholic and Methodist churches and a common school.
Telegraph C P R. Exp Dom. , Pop 100.

W H McDougall Postmaster

…from 1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

WHITE RIVER, a post village in Algoma District, Ontario, on the White River, and on the C.P.R.. 56 miles east of Heron Bay, on Lake Superior, and 300 miles west of Sudbury. It contains 2 churches (Roman Catholic and Methodist) 2 stores, a hotel and telegraph and express offices. Pop. 400 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer




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(also known as Bell’s)

A flag station on the B branch C P R, in Elizabethtown Township, Leeds County, Ontario 13 miles north of Brockviile, the county seat and nearest bank location. It
contains Methodist and Anglican churches and a public school. Exp Dom.
Pop 55.

James Bell Postmaster

Bell James, boots & shoes

…from1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

WHITEHURST or BELL STATION, a post village in Leeds County, Ontario, midway (14 miles north and south) between Smith’s Falls and Brockville on the Brockville & Ottawa branch of the C.P.R. It has 2 churches (Episcopal and Methodist). It is 9 miles north of New Dublin, where the township business is transacted. Pop. 100 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer




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WHITEHALL, a post village in Parry Sound District, Ontario, on the Ottawa division of the G.T.R., 14 miles from Emsdale, on the Toronto & North Bay division of the G.T.R. It contains a Methodist church, store, hotel and saw mill.  Pop. 40 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer



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A post office in Asphodel Township, Peterborough County, Ontario 17 miles east of Peterborough, the county seat and nearest bank location, and 2 miles from
Birdsall’s on the Midland Division G T R, its nearest railway point. It has Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian and Methodist churches and a public school. Telephone connection. Pop, 135.

John Brackenridge, Postmaster


Brackenridge John, saw mill
Doherty John, hotel.
Gallagher F, general store
Lynch E, wagonmaker
McMillen John, blacksmith
McNaughton Peter, druggist
Medcal Joseph, wagonmaker
Robb J, blacksmith
Ryan James, cheesemaker
Sargent & Son, general store

…from 1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

WESTWOOD, a post village in Peterborough County, Ontario, on the River Ouse, 2 miles from Birdsall a station on the Peterborough and Belleville section of the G.T.R., 6 miles from Hastings and 16 miles from Peterborough. It has 3 churches (Episcopal, Presbyterian and Methodist), 2 stores, a hotel, 2 saw and grist mills, a wood factory, cheese factory, a bank (Union of Canada), besides telephone office, and at Birdsall telegraph and express offices.    Pop. 160 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer

pet m WestwoodAsphodel




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WESTPORT, an incorporated village in Leeds County, Ontario, on the Rideau Canal, and on the Brockville, Westport & North Western Ry., 45 miles from Brockville. It contains 5 churches (Roman Catholic, Baptist. Methodist and Presbyterian), 12 stores. 3 hotels, grist mill, 2 furniture and carriage factories, a chartered bank (Merchants), a printing office, issuing a weekly newspaper (“Westport Mirror”), also telegraph and express offices. Pop. 1,200 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer

lee m WestportCrosby n



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WESTOVER, a post village in Wentworth County, Ontario, 6 miles from Copetown, and 10 miles from Dundas, on the G.T.R. It contains 2 churches, 2 grist mills and a store. Pop. 100 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer

wen m WestoverBeverly s

Westover was known as Donny Brook for many years. A man by the name of William Reid was the first settler, the farm deeded from the Crown, December 31m 1798. John Westover purchased the Reid farm in 1828 and was successful in getting a post office established in 1835. He erected a building to house the post office and tavern.

At one time the willage had two stores, both sold lquor and at least two taverns, a wagon shop, barrelmaker, blacksmith shop, shoemaker, weaver, two saw mills and two grist mills. James Mills built the present store in 1876 and was in business well over 40 years. He sold out in 1912 to Fred Fearney. At present, it is owner and operated by Mrs. Frank Atkinson.

There used to be two churches in Westover; one Methodist built in 1844 and the Baptist in 1845. The Methodist Church has been closed for some years now and the building moved away. The Baptist Church is going along well and is a good building and well lept up. The present minister is a young student whoses name is Donald Misener. He is attending McMaster University. …from Pioneers of Beverly – Centennial Edition 1967

Church History:

In Beverly Township, Methodist congregations were also established in several communities. By 1840, settlers in Lynden began holding weekly Methodist services. In October of the same year, land was purchased and a church was erected. In 1870, a new church was built on the corner of Main Street and Governors Road in Lynden, where it stands to this day, and in 1871, the Lynden congregation had the honour of hosting the national conference for the Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada.

Other Beverly communities which at one time supported Methodist congregations include Westover, Rockton, Sheffield, and Troy. The Westover congregation joined the United church in 1924

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A post office on the Rideau River, in Osgoode Townsbip, Carleton County, Ontario 20 miles south of Ottawa, the county seat, and 2 miles east of Osgoode, on the St L & O line C P R ,its nearest railway point. Nearest bank at Kemptville. It contains a Methodist church and a public school. Stage daily to Winchester. Pop 160.

Hugh Cleland, Postmaster

Blanchfield Charles, blacksmith.
Cleland Hugh, general store
Moses W J, miller

…from 1898-99 Eastern Ontario Gazetteer and Directory

WEST OSGOODE. a post village in Russell County, Ontario, 2 miles from Osgoode Station, on the Prescott and Ottawa branch of the C.P.R. It contains a Methodist church, store, blacksmith shop, 2 saw mills and a cheese box factory. Pop. 100 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer




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Weston Methodist Church – 1888


Church Architect: William Henry Mallory (1830-1886) WESTON, ONT., Methodist Church, Weston Road at King Street, 1885-87 (Telegram [Toronto], 21 Oct. 1885, 4, t.c.; S. Musselwhite, History of Central United Church Weston 1821-1971, 12)


Weston Methodist Manse – 1888

 Church Architect: William Gemmell (1846-1872)WESTON, ONT., a church, 1858 (Globe [Toronto], 23 Nov. 1858, 3, t.c.)

WESTON, a progressive town on the Humber River, in York County, Ontario, with stations on the G.T.R. and C.P.R. , also electric tram car service with Toronto, 8 miles distant. It has 5 churches ( Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and 2 Methodist), 5 stores and 4 smaller shops. 3 hotels, a flour mill, stove factory, with several brick yards in the vicinity; also a chartered bank (British North America), public separate and high schools, a mechanics’ institute and public library, 2 express and 3 telegraph offices. It is lighted by electric light, and has some attractive suburban residences. It has also 2 printing and newspaper offices (Weston “Times and Guide” and “Leader and Recorder” both weekly). Pop. 1,300 …from Lovell’s 1906 Canada Gazetteer

yor m WestonYork n




1858 Rev. William Hayhurst

1859  Rev. William Philp

1862 Rev.Joseph Sanders

1864 Rev. David Jennings

1865 – 1869 Rev. George Ronald Beynon

1866-1867 Rev. Noble Franklin English

1869 – 1871 Rev. John Shaw

1875 – 1876 Rev. George Browne

1878 – 1879 Rev. Thomas Alexander Ferguson

1891 Rev.  Edwin Arthur Pearson

1906 Rev. Henry Moore

1925 Rev. Issac B. Walwyn

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